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Re: Bug#185997: ITP: gnome-ticker -- Gnome Ticker is a Stock watching program.

> id have to disagree, the upstream name of the package should be used for
> the debian package name ("ticker" in this, not "gnome-ticker"), and the
> short description should include that it is a stock ticking program.

That's unrealistic for several reasons:

a) Upstreams don't always choose good names. The previous poster spelt
out the conditions where "gnome-ticker" would be a good name; that is,
if it supports a common generic ticker feed format. This application
does not. I agree with those conditions. You don't get to name your
software whatever you want and expect distributors to keep to it - an
extreme example would be somebody distributing an image viewer named
"jpegview" that didn't support the JPEG format.

b) Our users care about what toolkits applications are written in;
having an easily-identifiable nomenclature for that (gnome-*, for
instance) makes their lives easier.

c) There is already a "ticker" in the archive - did you even *check*?

Perhaps you should explain _why_ you believe the upstream name should be
used unconditionally.

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