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Re: Bits from the RM: Help Wanted, Apply Within

Anthony Towns wrote:
> 	* What else needs to be done to get Perl, Python, Gnome 2, KDE 3,
> 	  postgresql 7.3, and various other major subsystems out of
> 	  unstable and into testing?

I'll have some updated info on this re perl tomorrow or the next day.

> 	* What other major release goals are still possible at this point?

We're in the neighborhood of 60-70% complete /usr/doc removal. May or
may not make it, depending.

I hope that rebuilding all the C++ stuff with gcc 3.2 is still on the
table for release too.

I hope that as many packages as possible can just be rebuilt with gcc
3.0 just cause it's better, but since we have no way to track what has
built with what generally, who knows.

see shy jo

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