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Re: Cross Compiler(nwcoat Virscan Ok)

> "What is Gnome Basic?
> It is an embryonic attempt to provide VB compatible functionality for the
> GNOME project, particularly with respect to office (VBA) compatibility."

Hi.  FWIW, Gnome Basic has been essentially dead upstream for a year or
so now.  From the main upstream developer when he shut down the mailing
list, 5 August 2002:

"As many of you know GB is deprecated in favour of Mono, and Mono Basic,
see http://www.go-mono.com. Mono is making exciting progress, and is
where the future of a compatible Basic on Linux lies."

This doesn't mean you can't use GB of course, it just means that
incompatibilities with VB will continue to grow as VB changes, and that
whatever problems it has aren't likely to go away.

Once mono *does* become a viable alternative for VB compatibility within
debian, I'll probably file for gb's removal unless there are protests.
Though I'm not really sure how far away that date will be.

Ben (gb maintainer). :)

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