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2.4.10 SMP crashes on E250 2.4.12 2.4.12 compile errors on Sparc32 2.4.13-ac4 / shutdown problem 2.4.13 ext3 Re: 2.4.9 not booting on Sun Enterprise 3000 apt-get upgrade error with gcc-3.0-sparc64 asynchronus device / not block device boot w/o keyboard building Xfree86 4.1.0 from debian-source Cannot install CD Instalation / "not block device" cg12 on Sparc Station 10 Compiling a kernel Console no login prompt after boot Creator3D + X debian / solaris Disk partition on a Sparc 5 fade to black Fixed tftp images available RE: Fixed tftp images available (and Netra X1) Re: [Fwd: How kernel sources are packaged?? (that's not a complain..just to understand)] Glib? gnugplot is segfaulting here on sparc5 - woody Hello, your friend recommended to you help needed booting Ultra-5 HOOK EM HORNS! howto make a cdrom bootable ? How to upgrade the OpenBoot version Installation of Woody crashes on Ultra 1 installing debian from PC Instructors: Announcing New Server Side Train the Trainer workshop java for linux sparc kb problem kde/konsole - ssh problem on sparc Kernel 2.4.12 on Sparcstation 4 leo/zx driver toast in X11 4.1 ? libc6 > 2.1.3 linux user group looking for gconf Re: Mark Montague: success report with sparc and hppa cd images (with minor issues) Mark Montague: success report with sparc and hppa cd images (with minor issues) Mention of New Boot Disks missing vaddrs.h and audio in sun blade 100 module selection during installation. More 2.4.12 compile errors on Sparc32 Re: mp3 encoders working at ultrasparc netscape Newbie question : compiling XFree 4.1.0 NFS kernel daemon: nfsdnfssvc: Invalid argument nfs-root OUPS here is the "good" (but still not working) C code Pb installing a 2.2rev3 on IPX Fwd: Play a hilarious prank call please compile on potato (alpha,m68k,sparc,powerpc): webalizer_1.30.4-3.1 Possibly O.T. but need help [ PCI based ATI Mach64] problem compiling v2.2.19 Problems with 2.4.9 auto-detecting raid arrays. Problems with Sun-Blade 100/Debian Woody RAID issue the web traffic expert and Recompile freewnn for stable Recompile postgresql for stable Recompile telnet for stable Recompile w3m-ssl for stable Recompile xtel for stable red-carpet Re: [Re: How to upgrade the OpenBoot version] Re: [SECURITY] [DSA 085-1] New nvi packages fix format string vulnerability Solaris emulation with 2.4.x ? Solved: Netscape + updating sparc64-linux-ld ? Sparc problems - Anyone seen this? SPARCstation LX boot problem sparc woody rescue.bin > 1440k SProgram terminated SS2 hangs Stable upload of boot-floppies 2.2.26 Starting to get peeved !! still on a problem of mixed C/fortran code : where must I post ? strange behavior of a mixed C/fortran code on a sun4m sun4m: so close, yet so far away... Sun Blade 100 sytem freeze / ultra10 Type 4 Optical Mouse & SS2 [ Cannot install] Ultra SPARC Portable Update OpenBootPROM on SS2? Re: Why no raid modules? Woody ISO Images X problem The last update was on 16:19 GMT Wed May 01. There are 266 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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