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Re: fade to black

Paul Heinlein <paul.l.heinlein@home.com> wrote:
> Often, if I run grep and get a large amount of return data (say, 40
> lines or more -- though that's just a guess) my xterm will go to inverse
> colors (black background, white text) and stay that way until I kill the
> xterm and launch a new one.

If you're running xterm (not rxvt or derivatives), you should be able to
CTRL+MiddleClick on the window and get a menu to pop up (there are menus
associated with the left and right mouse buttons as well).

I personally prefer white text on black background, but to each his own..

> It happens both with konsole and xterm, and it only happens when running
> grep (i.e., I can't duplicate the color inversion by using cat to pump
> huge amounts of ascii through the terminal).

If you can find something repeatable, you might want to try piping the
output through `od -c', which should help you find out if any control
characters are somehow being output..

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