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Re: debian / solaris

On Tue, Oct 16, 2001 at 06:31:02AM -0700, Andrew Sharp wrote:

> > Well, first off, I don't think my Solaris 7 boxes came with anything
> > in /usr/local/pkg, or maybe I misunderstand. I used sunfreeware.com
> You misunderstand.
> # man pkgadd
> # man pkginfo
> that should get you started.

I may not be an old-hand Solaris admin, but I *did* run into those
commands pretty quickly upon downloading any precompiled packages.

It still didn't help with the godawful tangled mess /usr/local became,
and still didn't address the other issues that led me to using stow. I
suppose the pkg stuff does dependencies, but it's still a far cry from
dpkg as best I can tell (unless someone has clear documentation on
making my own pkg files, rebuilding existing packages from source,

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