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Re: Mark Montague: success report with sparc and hppa cd images (with minor issues)

> I filed a bug on tasksel for this, but that was the wrong place. It's
> actually a message from update-mime. The problem is that these packages are
> not supposed to depend on mime-support, and just call update-mime if it
> exists. apt-get does all the installations, then goes back and does all the
> postinst's. So the deal is, the update-mime script has been installed, but
> the mime-support postinst hasn't been run yet, which is where /etc/mailcap
> gets created. And apparently update-mime isn't smart enough to create a new
> /etc/mailcap when it's missing, and complains instead.

Good catch!  For now, I'll just omit the warning since the situation
can happen during normal operations.

I suppose the best option would be to check the package status of the
mime-support package if that condition occurs, but that is likely to
be slow and may not work since dpkg is actively running when this event
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