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CD Instalation / "not block device"

Hi, I changed the CD drive in my SunSparc2 as I thought it may be the cause
of my installation woes. Funnily enough, I could boot to it and the base
installation was a sinch and was all from the CD.

However, after the base installation, when it rebooted and then came to the
package installation it couldn't use the CDRom, it wouldn't mount the device
saying that it was "not a block device".
What does this mean ?? I mean, it worked well enough to install the base
system off of. Is the problem the CD, CDdrive or the system (apt/installed

*The CDRom is actaully a burner, this shouldn't matter though should it?
*How long would it take if I used the http over a serial line (56k modem)?
*Also, in the base installation, when it asks you do change the kernel
modules, should I have tried to install generic SCSI support if it could
already read my CDRom & hard drives. Well I did try but unsuccessfully.
Should I not try and install modules at all?
*What is the "keymap" and why would you want to load one. -> I also presume
that I want the "sun" keymap but then which one would I choose?

Sorry so many questions & thanks in advance.

  Damian Del Campo,  B.Eng (Comp Sys - Hons)
  Software Engineer,  SAGRN Project
  Phone  	08 8401 7037	(Flinders St)
  Fax      	08 8231 1385
  E-mail  	Damian.DelCampo@team.telstra.com

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