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Re: Possibly O.T. but need help

The closest thing you'll find to a BIOS can be found by hitting Stop-A (use
"Stop" like a shift or control key) after the machine starts up.

Where you go with this thing depends on what you want to do with it.  At the
very least you'll probably need to reinstall an OS on it -- since you're on the
list I'm thinking Debian might not be a bad choice, and checking out the install
instructions at the Debian site would probably be a good place to start.

qetcms wrote:

> we are a charity funded college.
> we have been donated a sun ultra 5 workstation, which has been given to us
> in the computer maintenance section. this is the first time any of us has
> had our hands on a sparc station and we are very stuck!
> sun will not send us a manual because we are not registered.
> the os (Unix we think) is passworded and we have no idea what either the
> user name or password is.
> we are used to dealing with PC based systems and were trying to find some
> sort of bios - no luck there either
> if any one has the time to give us a few pointers or help it would be
> greatly appreciated
> thanks in advance
> Neill
> PP the CMS team
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