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Re: SPARCstation LX boot problem

Ben, thanx for the offer of help.

In my /etc/ethers I have this...
XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX machine.depauw.edu

where the X's are the hardware address of the ethernet card in the SPARC.
and machine.depauw.edu is the name associated with the ip I want to give
it in dns.

The way I understand it is the machine gets it's name from the rarp request
then uses dns to do a lookup and get it's ip address, is that right?

I also found out that the office switch I am using to connect the 10Mbps
SPARC's to the 100Mbps switch is not letting anything through so I have
to look into that first since that is causing a bigger problem..

I have tftp working, I've verified that by comming in from another machine.
I'm not sure if the link to the tftpboot.img is right though. I have it as


where the X's are the IP address I've given it in hex. I am not sure at all of the
SUN4M extension is right or not since I haven't been able to connect directly to
the tftp server from the SPARC's to create any log entries for debugging.

So, the short of it is I'll be working on finding out why this little switch is not
working, then back to rarp.

Any suggestions though would be great.


Ben Collins wrote:

On Wed, Oct 24, 2001 at 04:19:26PM -0500, Corey Kovacs wrote:
> Hello, I recently had 8 SAPRCstation LX's dumped in my lap that I'd like
> to put
> debian on and I am having a bit of trouble.

The easiest way is tftp (which you can then use the CD for, so that
isn't a complete waste). It sounds like you have your rarpd setup wrong,
so let's try to get that working. What do you have in /etc/ethers?

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