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SPARCstation LX boot problem

Hello, I recently had 8 SAPRCstation LX's dumped in my lap that I'd like
to put
debian on and I am having a bit of trouble.

First off I tried to boot from the cd I burned of debian for sparc 2.2r3
from linuxiso-org.
when I enter "boot cdrom" from the openboot "ok" prompt, I get a flash
of light from the
cdrom led, then nothing. I have tried it with a solaris 8 cd and it at
least tried to boot (it
choked when it realized there was on 24 meg of ram). But at least I know
the boot works
with a good cd. I can mount the cd anywhere else, it simply won't boot
the machine.

So, then I tried to set up tftp + rarp/arp to do a netboot. Well that
failed miserably cus all
the docs mention the kernel level rarp but I am using 2.4.13 which has
no rarp. So I tried
rarpd from the unstable debian packages and I "think" I have it set up
right but prolly not
since it doesn't seem to be working.

So, the question is, what do you all think? Is there an easier way? I
have ethernet, or cdrom,
no floppy support at all. Is there a better place to get the cd iso's?
Has anyone set up a
machine running a 2.4.x kernel to boot a SPARC box?

Any and all information will be greatly appreciated. I am very new to
SPARC's but I think
I have a handle on most of the stuff so far.

Oh and the OpenBoot version is 2.10 if that helps...

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