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Re: Starting to get peeved !!

Quoting "Del Campo, Damian" <Damian.DelCampo@team.telstra.com>:

> Hi, I'm still struggling to install Debian to my Sparc2 from floppies.
> I have 2x 1.3Gb and 1x 440Mb disks
> I partition them all as Sun Disk Label and then delete partition 1 & 2
> to
> create the ones I want. The end result (with approx sizes)
> /sda1	linux native	u	50Mb	/boot
> /sda2	linux native	u	800Mb	/
> /sda3	whole disk		1300Mb
> /sda4	linux swap		450Mb	<swap>
> /sdb1	linux native	u	800Mb	/usr
> /sdb2	linux native	u	500Mb	/var
> /sdb3	whole disk		1300Mb
> /sdc1	linux native	u	340Mb	/home
> /sdc2	linux native	u	100Mb	/storage
> /sdc3	whole disk		440Mb
> where u = mountable flag.
> I get through the install but can't make the system bootable from the
> hard
> disk.
> WTF am I doing wrong ???

That you can't boot the system from hard-disk helpes not much here. Could you
describe exactly why your system don't boot or where it hangs?

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