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Re: debian / solaris

fede2@fuerzag.ulatina.ac.cr wrote:
> ...
> > > ftp://marcus.seva.net/pub/debian/debian-solaris-sparc/
> ...
> > It seems rather old though (1998), and not maintained any more.
> Are you (or any one on the list) interested in mantainig this? (I'm just
> curious)
Well... Why not.
But for the moment I'm only investigating the opportunity to do that.
Then I may have resources to work on the project and maintain it. But
this will unfortunatelly not be for the next incoming days however...

> > Feel free to comment or to give ideas.

Thank you for the information.
I hope this is not too much out of the scope of this ML.

> Well I hope not to be spammed because of this, but please read
> http://www.slackware.com/forum/read.php?f=6&i=723&t=595 and
> http://www.slackware.com/forum/read.php?f=6&i=740&t=595
> ...
> 1. The installer. You cannot distribute as freely as Linux, the Solaris
> kernel, so obviously you would have to make a work around this. I would
> suggest a script that would ask the user for the Solaris CD and that the
> script would pick up the Solaris kernel and tools from it and create an
> iso with the other tools and the installer for the user to burn on his
> own.
> ...
> 2. Package translation. You would have to create a tool that translates
> solaris packages to debian of what ever package system you are willing to
> use. No only for the packages that you download[1] and that are on the CD,
> but to grab the package information that is on /var/sadm and translate it
> and respecting the package dependencies, etc.

My goal is however a bit different than "having linux over solaris
I want to collect a set of tools (mainly GNU development tools) in a
consistent set.
I would like to have a repository of source packages. And the whole
stuff or a subset only could be compiled with a command such as:
 'rebuild <list-of-packages> --prefix=<somewhere>'
This would allow anyone to compile a tool with all companion tools and
libs. It would also allow to install a custom toolset in any
'/my/software/tools' binary repository, and not in '/usr' necessarily.
I do neither consider delivering any precompiled binaries, nor replacing
system tools by ours. (Sunfreeware.com probably does that.(?))
Therefore I do not consider delivering solaris packages either.

> 3. A tool for installing and keeping track of the kernel patches and that
> will also know when the patch is for the Solaris utils that you have just
> sent to /dev/null ;), and the patches that do work for the small Solaris
> things that you kept. For example, if a bug is found on the "tar" that
> Solaris had, and you install the patch, would mess around with the GNU-tar
> that you had on that path.
That's probably an issue to consider.

> 4. To change init. That sould be fun ;)
When we have 1) changed the init, 2) changed the tools 3) add our
favorite tools, why not also changing the kernel for... say a
"linux-sparc" one...

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