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Re: debian / solaris

Mike Renfro wrote:
> On Mon, Oct 15, 2001 at 05:39:52PM +0200, Loic Jaouen wrote:
> > Look at the /usr/local/pkg of your solaris box and tell me if you
> > don't see there: tar, openssl, gmake, gcc ...  Just something to
> > take care of /usr/local/pkg and /usr/dangerous/pkg for generic and
> > homegrew packages.
> How about stow? I'm using it for all my local Solaris builds, and the
> only package that was not sufficiently stow-aware (that I remember) is
> teTeX. teTeX makes considerable effort to keep itself in one directory
> anyway, so it's not a big issue.
> Stow is old, but it's Perl, and works fine for me. Documentation even

What's wrong with Solaris' package system?  I found in two seconds a
web site with a large number of the most common packages used in
linux and freebsd packaged for Solaris package system.  They worked
great and I didn't have to spend precious time porting a package
system meant for some other operating system.  I don't want to get
into a dpkg v. pkg debate, the point is pkg will allow you to
monitor the packages you have installed and remove any that you want
to remove.  This whole thing is OT, after all.


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