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Re: 2.4.12 compile errors on Sparc32

>... 2.4 is supposed to be a stable kernel, so the first thing I'd
>is that it compiles; and that it won't break compilation on a
>architecture every other version.

The trouble is: There is no maintainer for sparc32 on 2.4. Do you want
to jump in? There seem to be enough people who'd really appreciate a
stable 2.4. kernel on this architecture - alas none of us is a kernel
guru. Fortunately from time to time there kind souls have provided
that got us a little further each time (thanks DaveM, Anton, Uzi,
Collin and all those I was so unkind to forget).

You'll find these patches in the archives of debian-sparc, sparcliunx
and sparc-list@redhat.com.

Good luck!


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