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howto make a cdrom bootable ?


I got rescue.bin, i mount it, copy a new kernel image (gziped).

(under Debian on i386):
$ mount -o loop rescue.bin rescue/
$ cp new_kernel rescue/linux
$ sync
$ mkisofs -v -b rescue.bin -B ,,rescue/boot/second.b,, -o myiso.iso iso/

(in mkisofs(8):
-B img_sun4,img_sun4c,img_sun4m,img_sun4d,img_sun4e
Specifies a comma separated  list  of  boot  images
that  are  needed  to  make a bootable CD for sparc
systems.  There may be empty fields  in  the  comma
separated  list.  ...)

$ cdrecord blah blah blah myiso.iso

(under my sparc10):

prom> boot cdrom
and it said, the file is not executable
(it works with a Official Debian CD)

is this the right way to make a bootable CDROM ?
I found some documentation (imcomplete :() in silo package,
some in mkisofs

thanks in advance,
Fabien Seisen seisen@linuxfr.org dakol@IRCNET
Yamaha FZ750 dite la "Fiabluleuse" http://pouxvert.linuxfr.org/joebar/fz750/
GnuPG ID 1024D/112189D8

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