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Problems with Sun-Blade 100/Debian Woody


I wanted to try the latest Debian release (Woody) on my Sun Blade
100. The kernel is booted over the network (tftp) and the installation of
the base packages is done by ftp. Everything looks great until the
download of the packages is completed (base system). After that the system
tries to install the deb files and fails in an very ugly way.
The entire system freezes. I am able to switch between the virtual
consoles but every action is ignored. For example typing ls simply
responds with nothing (the command hangs).
If you have any tips for me to try out I would be very pleased. If you
need some information I will try to provide it (Although it is difficult
because transfering logfiles is not so easy in this early stage of the

System information:
 - Sun Blade 100, 384MB of Memory
 - Extra Harddrive for Linux install 

Software information:
 - Woody, 3.0.13-2001-08-28 (sparc-disks)
 - Installation from an official Debian mirror so all packages should
   be up to date.

I also looked in the maillinglists but I didn't find anything
useful. There were some notes about special installation images for the
Blade 100 but these images are no longer available. Pherhaps they are out
of date and the changes are in the current version and the maintainer put
them offline. 

	Walter Christian

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