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Re: debian / solaris

It isn't Debian, but we at Rutgers have a considerable amount of free
software packaged in RPMs for Solaris.  We also have bootstrap scripts and
APT-RPM for initial and ongoing package management.  

Check out  oss.rutgers.edu/rpm_tools.html  and  rpm.rutgers.edu 

The RPMS are all freely availble but i'm not sure if you will be able to
bootstrap without having access to our server.  In the worst case, you can
setup your own bootstrap server.  

Austin Murphy
Student Systems Programmer
Rutgers University

On Mon, 15 Oct 2001, Laurent CHARLES wrote:

> I would like to get information about a possible debian based
> distribution that would run on a Sun/Sparc Solaris host, instead of a
> Linux host.
> I mean, I'm only considering the package management system and some of
> the "user tools". Not the a complete distribution, not the kernel and
> modules stuff.
> My goal would be to be able to rebuild a set of tools, from sources,
> with respect to dependencies, using the debian package management
> system. These tools will run on a solaris host, say SunOS-2.7 for sparc
> workstation.
> I didn't find anything on the subject other than the classical docs
> about developping for a "normal" debian distribution. I wanted to ask if
> some related project already exist before starting to do that from
> scratch...

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