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actually I am running Ultra10 with 2.4.9, but I have problems with gnome/gdm.
Logging out of gnome always ends up with a system freeze, even stop+a does no 
more work.
If I kill the X-server instead of logging off, I get kernel messages with this 
funny guy looking over a wall and X does not work till reboot.

So I tried to compile 2.4.9 with ext3 patch, but ...
2.4.12 is compile able but I cannot find an ext3 patch.

How get I ext3 or another jfs work on my ULTRA10? 

Hakan Kuecuekyilmaz, presently intern at 
Tecnomatix Technologies Germany | Tel: +49 711 1389- 257
Mittlerer Pfad 9                | <hakan@lisas.de>
70 499 Stuttgart                | <hkuecuekyilmaz@tecnomatix.de>
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