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Re: [Fwd: How kernel sources are packaged?? (that's not a complain..just to understand)]

HI Joe,
	I've tryed the 2.4.8 from the kernel-source package.
I made it compiling (it was missing an export in arch/sparc/extable.c or
something similar) but anyway it always hangs during the boot
like I wrote before. I didn't had time to track down what happens
immediaty after that call (that probably works fine) but
looking at 2.2 boot process seems that the FrameBuffer is initialized.
But I repeat I need to look better into it. I will anywya give a try
to your tarball.


Joe Stevens wrote:
> >
> > Just use 2.2.x kernels on sparc32 for now. There's not much that a 2.4.x
> > kernel will buy you on an old system like that anyway.
> I would have to disagree with that.  After upgrading a number of Sparc 5s
> I run form the 2.2 series kernel to 2.4.8, I would swear performance
> improved to a noticible degree. Not to mention its easier to impliment
> lots of the new features that would require a kernel patch for the 2.2
> series...
> Anyways, (although I posted this to the list already) you can grab a
> tarball of my (sparc-32-working) Linux 2.4.8 source at
> http://home.att.ne.jp/iota/joe/ -- I have had very good luck with it so
> far.
> Hope that helps,
> Joe.
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