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Re: Mention of New Boot Disks

On Thu, Oct 11, 2001 at 10:05:54AM -0700, Steve Moret wrote:
> There was mention (at the beginning of the month) that there would be new
> boot disks for debian sparc out soon. Am I just looking in the wrong place
> or are they not out yet? Also is there anything I can do to speed the
> process of their release? I'm trying to get my Netra X1 up but the current
> boot disks don't support networking. I'd like to start testing the newer
> ones but have no idea where to get tftp images for them. I've got a debian
> x86 box that I could possibly cross compile on, is there a debian sparc
> tftpimage faq or walkthru that would aim me in a more helpful direction.

The problem with the freeze is more strange that I thought. It seems
that busybox init on sparc drops out of pid 1, to pid 6. In it's place
is the swapper thread. When things send a signal to pid 1 (assuming that
pid 1 == init), things go wrong.

Still need to investigate. Until I resolve that problem, there's no
point in making new disks yet.


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