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Re: debian / solaris

Salut Laurent,

This sounds pretty much like:

If you are thinking of using dpkg, as a package management
tool why don't you try to just compile it and see if it works?

You can download the source from the normal deb searcher:

There are a few things you always have to do in order to compile
linux stuff on solaris (like writing a ldconfig script that
returns true) but it should be more or less fine.

I once wanted to make it the pkg management tool where I work,
I did not manage to compile the whole stuff.
However the core (dpkg-deb) worked fine so for demo purposes I
wrote a perl wrapper. The team wanted to stick to plain tar balls
and makefiles...

I also think that dpkg was originally written in perl, you might
also search in that direction.

OIS Team,

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