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Re: Disk partition on a Sparc 5

On Thu, 2001-10-04 at 21:39, Craig Ian Dewick wrote:

> Why shouldn't the swap be in partition 1? That's where Sun's format

seems we have an off by one error.  linux thinks the first partition is
1, where sun says it is zero.  i think we are on the same page.  the
first partition on the disk *cannot* be swap -- as in your setup.

> program defaults to placing the swap partition. With a Solaris or NetBSD
> installation, I always set it up this way:
>  0 - / [ie. root] (min 128 MB of space to allow for crash-dumps, etc.)
>  1 - swap
>  2 - whole disk mirror
>  3 - /var
>  6 - /usr
> and the others are used depending what the machine is going to do.
> Generally 4 becomes where I still all the X-windows data (/usr/openwin
> with Solaris), 5 is where all my application source goes, and 7 will be
> /home on any machine which has other users.
> The question is how does this translate to what Debian expects? Why can't
> 'fdisk' supplied with Debian set up the disk the same way as Sun's format
> program with a SunOS-compatible disk label, etc.? If it already can do
> that, I didn't get anything out of the install instructions that suggested
> it's possible.

yes, fdisk (and thus the debian setup) can create a SunOS compatible
disk label from scratch.  use the "s" option and choose "custom" -- you
can normally accept all the defaults, and have a sun disk label when you
are done.

> Can 'fdisk' do this with a disk that does not have any SunOS disk label
> already written onto it? I'm going to get into re-installing Potato onto
> the new disk tonight... BTW, I had problems working out what Debian called
> the CD-ROM device so the CD install I did the first time around was rather
> botched and I ended up pulling off the core stuff only and getting
> everything else from a Debian FTP site.

yeah, the debian installer is less than intuitive, but once you get it
on, you never have to do it again thanks to apt-get!

> The instructions for doing all this are very confusing for first-time
> Linux users like me (I'm used to Solaris but not Linux), btw.

hope you can get it to work.


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