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Console no login prompt after boot

Hi there,

I installed Debian 2.2r3 on a Sun Ultra 2 via a serial port console. After that
I successfully used Debian via the serial port (except console-tools not
installing successfully). 

Now I added a Sun monitor & keyboard to the machine. I can boot Debian
successfully, with all console output going to the monitor. However, after the
last script from rc3.d finishes, nothing happens. No login screen is presented.
There are no unusual log messages either. Now I was able to install
console-tools, rebooted, same effect. I can ssh into the machine and there are
no unusual processes running, the machine seems to be in a proper state. But
the monitor/keyboard console does not get a login prompt.

Can anybody give me a hint how to fix this?

Thank you in advance,
Frank Stolze

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