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Re: debian / solaris

Merci Loic for the reply

loic@olsen.ch wrote:
> This sounds pretty much like:
> ftp://marcus.seva.net/pub/debian/debian-solaris-sparc/
Yes. Thanks for the link. I'll have a look.
It seems rather old though (1998), and not maintained any more.

> If you are thinking of using dpkg, as a package management
> tool why don't you try to just compile it and see if it works?
This is what I wanted to do. I just wondered if some ones did it before.

> You can download the source from the normal deb searcher:
> http://packages.debian.org/stable/base/dpkg.html
Among others I would have like to be able to bootstrap the process
without having to use .deb packages (As at first I don't have deb
tools...). I didn't find the minimal bootstrap stuff in "regular" source
package (.tar.gz or .tar.bz2)
I know I can use my linux box to "undeb" the source packages and then
probably compile the stuff on the solaris workstation. But this is not
very convenient in my context. I don't have a debian machine available
next (in the network sense) to my solaris station.

> There are a few things you always have to do in order to compile
> linux stuff on solaris (like writing a ldconfig script that
> returns true) but it should be more or less fine.
How about 'libc'?

> I once wanted to make it the pkg management tool where I work,
> I did not manage to compile the whole stuff.
Would you have something available as a starting point for me?

> However the core (dpkg-deb) worked fine so for demo purposes I
> wrote a perl wrapper. The team wanted to stick to plain tar balls
> and makefiles...
Too bad...

> I also think that dpkg was originally written in perl, you might
> also search in that direction.
...in the last resort. Does it really worth to retrieve such an old set
of tools...?

Thankx again.
Feel free to comment or to give ideas.


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