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Re: [prentis@aol.net: PCI based ATI Mach64]

On Tue, Oct 09, 2001 at 06:18:10PM -0500, Branden Robinson wrote:
> Does anyone have advice for this person?
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> From: Prentis Brooks <prentis@aol.net>
> To: <branden@debian.org>
> Subject: PCI based ATI Mach64
> Hey Branden,
> 	I have been trying to get my Ultra10 with the PCI based Mach64
> and the Elite3D in a dual head configuration.  I am running Debian woody
> with 2.2.19 and xfree86 from your repository.  I have gotten it to
> the point where it is configured but I get the following warning, which
> prevents the second head from working:
> (WW) ATI:  PCI/AGP Mach64 in slot 1:2:0 could not be detected!

Is this a Debian 2.2.19 kernel, or your own from stock source? If it's
your own from stock 2.2.19, you'll need to either get a newer 2.2.20pre
kernel, VGER CVS kernel, or upgrade (suggested) to a recent 2.4.x

The reason being that the PCI domain patches that X 4.x depends on for
sparc64, is not in older kernels.


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