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Re: sparc64-linux-ld ?

Rich Sahlender <rsahlen@debian.org> wrote:
> It's been a while since I built a kernel on a sparc, have patience
> with me please...
> While doing make vmlinux for 2.4.9 I get:
> make[2]: sparc64-linux-ld: Command not found
> Where is this? I don't see it in a quick scan of Contents-sparc.gz.

I came across this problem today while building a 2.4.12 kernel.
sparc64-linux-ld isn't needed if your GAS toolset is up-to-date.
The kernel makefile checks for this- but doesn't do it correctly.

I fixed the problem by changing arch/sparc64/Makefile thusly:

line 18:
- NEW_GAS := $(shell if $(LD) --version 2>&1 (blah blah blah)
+ NEW_GAS := $(shell if $(LD) -V 2>&1 (blah blah blah)

(I apologize for the broken threading- I'm just now subscribing
 to the list)

paul cannon                     paul@cannon.cs.usu.edu
space software lab            http://ssl.usu.edu/paul/
utah state university       OpenNIC: http://paul.geek/
sparc newcomer           info: finger paul@ssl.usu.edu

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