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Update OpenBootPROM on SS2?

Sorry 'bout my poor English :-)

Sun SparcStation2 (sun4c):
Is it possible to update the OpenBoot PROM of such a machine? I have
access to an EPROM/Flash programming device so there shouldn't be a
problem with the hardware.
Like many (if not all) sun4c boxes my SS2 hat the limitation of not
being able to boot from a harddisk > 1 GB (still have to look
exactly which OBP version I have).
Are there any updates available? I know that the OBP of Ultra boxes
is updated within Solaris 8 but AFAIK the older Non-Ultra boxes aren't
equipped with a FlashROM. Instead they use a EPROM. So I would need
something like a .BIN or .HEX file...

Greetings from Germany,

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