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Type 4 Optical Mouse & SS2

Hi, having just completed my installation of debian on a SparkStation2 that
I acquired I was upset taht I couldnt' move my mouse (all the buttons work).
I thought that it was stuffed but now realise that I don't have the pad for
it. (its an optical mouse)

Where do I go from here?
1) I pressume its not worth buying a type4 pad.
2) What other types of mouse/keyboard are compatible with a SS2 ie. type 5/6
3) Where could I buy a mechanical version? Currently looking on Ebay.
4) If I cut out the spacer in a PS2 plug, could I use it & what
functionality would  it lack. ie 6 pins instead of 8.


  Damian Del Campo,  B.Eng (Comp Sys - Hons)
  Software Engineer,  SAGRN Project
  Phone  	08 8401 7037	(Flinders St)
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> "Del Campo, Damian" wrote:
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> > Hi, I changed the CD drive in my SunSparc2 as I thought it may be the
> cause
> > of my installation woes. Funnily enough, I could boot to it and the base
> > installation was a sinch and was all from the CD.
> > However, after the base installation, when it rebooted and then came to
> the
> > package installation it couldn't use the CDRom, it wouldn't mount the
> device
> > saying that it was "not a block device".
> The SS2 (and AFAIK many other Sparcs) needs a CD drive that supports
> a blocksize of 512 byte. I do not know what blocksize is used by the
> Linux SCSI CD driver, may be 1024 oder 2048 or something like that,
> but if you want to boot from CD the "Open Boot PROM" expects a
> blocksize of 512 bytes. This is also the reason why bootdisks
> created with "dd of=/dev/fd0 if=image.bin bs=512" work and disks
> created with "... bs=1024" don't.
> I'm using a "Teac 532S" on my SS2 and I don't have any problems...
> > *The CDRom is actaully a burner, this shouldn't matter though should it?
> Hmm. If it's an old one or if it's a very cheap new one there could
> be all sorts of problems. Better get something that is known to
> work. I tested my "Teac 532S" with Open Boot PROM V2.4.1 and 2.9 ...
> > *Also, in the base installation, when it asks you do change the kernel
> > modules, should I have tried to install generic SCSI support if it could
> > already read my CDRom & hard drives. Well I did try but unsuccessfully.
> > Should I not try and install modules at all?
> If it can read your HD and CD there is no need to install a driver
> for it. And AFAIK every Sun box has a SCSI controller and the older
> ones don't have anything else but SCSI so the kernel on the Debian
> Sparc bootdisk should have SCSI support compiled in.
> Greetings,
> Andreas Behnert
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