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2.4.10 SMP crashes on E250

Hi All,

	Hope all is well.

	After having 64 lovely days of uptime on our E250 with 2.4.10
	non-smp, I installed the 2.4.10-smp package. Unfortunately after 10
	minutes it crashed while compiling the pine source code.

	The crash wasn't too pretty either, no oops, no messages, simply
	a total lock-up of the system completely that would only respond to
	power-off, power-on.

	This has happened several times before with 2.4.x kernels in smp mode,
	so, in these situations where there is no information, how can I try
	to find out what went wrong ?

	What would you all recommend I do, so that I can obtain some more
	information next time I boot up 2.4.10-smp ? (or what may I have
	overlooked in my diagnosis too ?)



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