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Re: SPARCstation LX boot problem

Well I figured out what the problem with the switch I have was, bad cable. Now
I can get to the outside world (and other machines on the switch itself) so I should
be able to proceed normally.

With the setup noted in the previous message I give the openboot command
ok boot net ip.of.the.server

and I get errors indicating a timeout condition waiting for an RARP/ARP packet. So
obviously, as you said Ben, this is not set up right, and I am probably not issuing the
command correctly.

Also, the SPARC's don't seem to be talking ethernet. I don't get e link light when I
enter the above command. Is that normal for these things?


Ben Collins wrote:

On Wed, Oct 24, 2001 at 04:19:26PM -0500, Corey Kovacs wrote:
> Hello, I recently had 8 SAPRCstation LX's dumped in my lap that I'd like
> to put
> debian on and I am having a bit of trouble.

The easiest way is tftp (which you can then use the CD for, so that
isn't a complete waste). It sounds like you have your rarpd setup wrong,
so let's try to get that working. What do you have in /etc/ethers?

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