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Re: Type 4 Optical Mouse & SS2

On Mon, 29 Oct 2001, Del Campo, Damian wrote:

> Hi, having just completed my installation of debian on a SparkStation2 that
> I acquired I was upset taht I couldnt' move my mouse (all the buttons work).
> I thought that it was stuffed but now realise that I don't have the pad for
> it. (its an optical mouse)
> Where do I go from here?
> 1) I pressume its not worth buying a type4 pad.

Yes, because they should be cheap, if you can get them. I have been
totally out of stock of both type-4 and type-5 optical grid mouse pads for
a few weeks and I can't get any more. Seems nobody has stocks of them at
present. sigh

I normally sell type-4 and type-5 optical mouse pads (through SRK) for
A$10 each, when I can get them into stock. 8-)

> 2) What other types of mouse/keyboard are compatible with a SS2 ie. type 5/6
> etc

A type-5 optical mouse should work if you have a type-5 pad, or get a
type-5 opto-mechanical mouse (which should also work) and use any old PC
mouse pad with it.

> 3) Where could I buy a mechanical version? Currently looking on Ebay.

There's no opto-mech version of a type-4. Type-5's come in both optical
and opto-mech versions, and type-6's only in opto-mech (AFAIK).

> 4) If I cut out the spacer in a PS2 plug, could I use it & what
> functionality would  it lack. ie 6 pins instead of 8.

Not sure what you're aiming at doing here? A PC mouse should not work at
all, but I hear people saying 3-button MS-compatible mice can be got to
work. I have no idea if there's any truth to it though.



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