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RAID issue

Hi all,
	some good news also from me.
I finally managed to have a kernel with a working raid support.
I have started some test on RAID-1 and seems to work fine.
RAID-5 will come.. the ss2 is slooooooooooooooooow.
Anyway just a bit of story

no way to boot a 2.4 kernel. I've tryed to track down
the problem but I had to give up.. it takes too much time
on that machine and I don't have enough knoledge to do that.
But it seems that it hangs initializing the keyboard.

Probably we should suggest to the kernel mantainer to
make a small script to test which kind of kernel can
be used on ss2. (or something like that).

For kernel 2.2 I've tryed 2.2.19 but the raid support is broken.
It endups that the first one I founf working is 2.2.20pre10.
I didn't check on the sparc changelog.

Be aware not to try to install the kernel-patch-raid. It's
only for i386 and this should also be removed from the sparc.
AFAIK it's marked for all archs.

Hope soon to be able to finish the tests like promised.


PS Im not that good in filling bugs and browsing the web
to search if there are alredy open bugs (I HATE HTTP)
so I will be glad if someone can take care of taking care
of it.
> >
> > Just take two or more partitions and configure them in raid1 and raid5,
> > and create a filesystem on it, and copy some files around. I'm not
> > really concerned about booting right now.
> >
> > Ben

Debian GNU/Linux Unstable Kernel 2.4.9
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