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Re: CD Instalation / "not block device"

"Del Campo, Damian" wrote:
> Hi, I changed the CD drive in my SunSparc2 as I thought it may be the cause
> of my installation woes. Funnily enough, I could boot to it and the base
> installation was a sinch and was all from the CD.
> However, after the base installation, when it rebooted and then came to the
> package installation it couldn't use the CDRom, it wouldn't mount the device
> saying that it was "not a block device".

The SS2 (and AFAIK many other Sparcs) needs a CD drive that supports
a blocksize of 512 byte. I do not know what blocksize is used by the
Linux SCSI CD driver, may be 1024 oder 2048 or something like that,
but if you want to boot from CD the "Open Boot PROM" expects a
blocksize of 512 bytes. This is also the reason why bootdisks
created with "dd of=/dev/fd0 if=image.bin bs=512" work and disks
created with "... bs=1024" don't.

I'm using a "Teac 532S" on my SS2 and I don't have any problems...

> *The CDRom is actaully a burner, this shouldn't matter though should it?

Hmm. If it's an old one or if it's a very cheap new one there could
be all sorts of problems. Better get something that is known to
work. I tested my "Teac 532S" with Open Boot PROM V2.4.1 and 2.9 ...

> *Also, in the base installation, when it asks you do change the kernel
> modules, should I have tried to install generic SCSI support if it could
> already read my CDRom & hard drives. Well I did try but unsuccessfully.
> Should I not try and install modules at all?

If it can read your HD and CD there is no need to install a driver
for it. And AFAIK every Sun box has a SCSI controller and the older
ones don't have anything else but SCSI so the kernel on the Debian
Sparc bootdisk should have SCSI support compiled in.

Andreas Behnert

To err is human; effective mayhem requires the root password :-)

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