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missing vaddrs.h and audio in sun blade 100

I'm trying to compile the CVS version of the kernel with the command:
 fakeroot make-kpkg kernel_image

and I get this error:

sparc64-linux-gcc -D__KERNEL__ -I/home/ijones/usr/forign/src/linux/include -Wall -Wstrict-prototypes -Wno-trigraphs -O2 -fomit-frame-pointer -fno-strict-aliasing -fno-common -m64 -pipe -mno-fpu -mcpu=ultrasparc -mcmodel=medlow -ffixed-g4 -fcall-used-g5 -fcall-used-g7 -Wno-sign-compare -Wa,--undeclared-regs -DMODULE -DMODVERSIONS -include /home/ijones/usr/forign/src/linux/include/linux/modversions.h   -c -o qlogicpti.o qlogicpti.c
In file included from qlogicpti.c:38:
/usr/include/asm/vaddrs.h:9: asm-sparc64/vaddrs.h: No such file or directory

Any advice here?

Also, can anyone tell me the status of audio on Sun Blade 100?  Does
it work?  What modules are required?



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