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sparc woody rescue.bin > 1440k

Unless I'm doing something horribly wrong, the root.bin doesn't fit on
a floppy. I just got a castoff sparc20, so I got


and the narrow rescue.bin. The rescue disk boots the kernel without
trouble, but I get

(on an i386 debian machine)
% sudo dd if=root.bin of=/dev/fd0 bs=1024
dd: writing `/dev/fd0': No space left on device
1441+0 records in
1440+0 records out

I assume that sun disks aren't a weird format, since the rescue disk
worked. Am I just doing something stupid because I haven't tried
debian-sparc before, or is this a bug (and what package should it be
bug reported against, if it is?)

I could burn a CD, but I have no idea how to make a sparc-bootable CD
image, and there don't seem to be (?) any woody sparc images


				- M

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