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Re: Starting to get peeved !!

Hi Damian,
	you should check in the eprom configuration which is the
you can do that pressing stop+a, n (that stands for new command) and
then printenv.
To change the default in order to match your config use the command
with the appropriate parameter. On my config I've removed the /dev/sda3
whole partition
because I only run linux on it and does not make that much sense (for
me) to keep it.


"Del Campo, Damian" wrote:
> Hi, I'm still struggling to install Debian to my Sparc2 from floppies.
> I have 2x 1.3Gb and 1x 440Mb disks
> I partition them all as Sun Disk Label and then delete partition 1 & 2 to
> create the ones I want. The end result (with approx sizes)
> /sda1   linux native    u       50Mb    /boot
> /sda2   linux native    u       800Mb   /
> /sda3   whole disk              1300Mb
> /sda4   linux swap              450Mb   <swap>
> /sdb1   linux native    u       800Mb   /usr
> /sdb2   linux native    u       500Mb   /var
> /sdb3   whole disk              1300Mb
> /sdc1   linux native    u       340Mb   /home
> /sdc2   linux native    u       100Mb   /storage
> /sdc3   whole disk              440Mb
> where u = mountable flag.
> I get through the install but can't make the system bootable from the hard
> disk.
> WTF am I doing wrong ???
> When you create a Sun Disk Label you get a read only flag on one of the
> first 2 partitions. eg
>         /sda1   linux native
>         /sda2   linux swap      r
>         /sda3   whole disk
>  I removed this flag + made mine bootable. Was this wrong and why ?
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