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Re: mp3 encoders working at ultrasparc

"Alvaro F. Figueroa Cabezas" <fede2@fuerzag.ulatina.ac.cr> writes:

> Has anyone made _any_ software that encodes wavs to mp3s work at the
> UltraSparc arquitecture?

Is there any reason you can't use Ogg Vorbis?  It's a non-proprietary
audio encoding format equal to or better than mp3 in quality.

Just apt-get install vorbis-tools to get an encoder if you're using
woody or sid.  As for clients, XMMS groks Ogg Vorbis just fine, and
there's a command line client called ogg123 for those of you who like
that kind of thing...

All of this should work just fine on SPARC; recent versions work well
on PowerPC, which is also big-endian.

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