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Sparc problems - Anyone seen this?

Hi all,

Having a problem with my Sparc. This box is my mailserver/DHCP/formerly my
primary DNS server.

The box is a SPARCstation-20 with a single 390Z55 processor and 4MB of
RAM. Its running Debian/sid, but hadn't been upgraded in a couple of
months. (It was last running libc6-2.2.3-9.)

I did an apt-get update; apt-get dist-upgrade, and found that the upgrade
started segfaulting on pre- and postinstall scripts. Further investigation,
including a reboot, I noticed that the login said 

Debian/GNU Linux testing/unstable (none) tty1
(none) login:

When I tried to log in, it gave me the motd and logged me out. I found that
I could get in going in single user mode and using the init=sash directive.
At this point, anything  Itried either resulted in a segfault, a sig11 or
sig7, or an Unimplemented SPARC system call XXX.

I managed, through judicious use of a Debian install CD and sash to back
off from 2.2.4-3 (the problems with scripts segfaulting started immediately
after installation of libc6) to 2.2.3-9. I booted using sash and did a
dpkg-deb --extract libc6_2.2.3-9_sparc.deb. This did not fix the symlinks,
so I booted from CD, mounted the filesystem, rm'ed all the 2.2.4 files in
/lib and ran ldconfig.

The box, at this point is still showing the same symptoms. Anybody know how
to fix the problem? I need to get this back online as soon as I can.

Bradley M. Alexander, CISSP              |   Co-Chairman,
Beowulf System Admin/Security Specialist |    NoVALUG/DCLUG Security SIG
Debian/GNU Linux Developer               |   storm@debian.org
                                         |   storm@tux.org
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