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X problem

Hi folks

I am using the woody dist which I downloaded as an upgrade on a
Spacstation 4 with kernel 2.2.18pre21-sun4cdm (originally running the
Potato dist )

Following the upgrade I have experienced some difficulties with getting
X to run. Initially the X server would only start for root with users
getting a fatal server error - "cannot open /dev/kbd, error 13"

Following a few additional dselect installations I now find that X wont
run at all -

> startx
> (using VT number 7)
> PEXExtensionInit: Couldn't open default PEX font file  Roman_m
> Fatal server error:
> could not open default font 'fixed'
> X connection to :0:0 broken

I have had a look for the fonts in question and they do appear to be
missing, how do I get around the default settings?

thanks in advance


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