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Re: boot w/o keyboard

On Sat, 2001-10-27 at 16:02, paul cannon wrote:
> Okay, here's one for you. When I boot one of my Ultra-5s without
> a keyboard plugged in, the OpenPROM switches to a serial console.
> Connecting a keyboard after this point has no effect; no input
> will be accepted from it or sent to the screen. This isn't good
> for me. I have them on a rack connected to a beowulf cluster, and
> I want to simply connect a keyboard and monitor when needed.
> What's worse is that the associated console devices don't seem to
> work. getty apparently dies immediately- in the daemon.log I get
> init: Id "1" respawning too fast: disabled for 5 minutes
> for all the virtual consoles. Is there a way to tell OpenPROM to
> just carry on normally if it can't find the keyboard?

well, you can set the input-device in the prom to keyboard, but I think
it fails over to serial console anyways.  don't know how to stop it...\

this webpage has a bunch of info about openboot:


you can get rid of these messages by simply removing the associated
lines in /etc/inittab 1:234:blahblahblah... for 1 through 6 and that
should get rid of the respawn messages.  if you use a serial line, make
sure to uncomment the S0 line.

I would just recommend hooking up a serial MUX to your cluster and have
serial consoles on all the boxen.  you can also use a vt and walk around
with this to plug into your machine when needed...


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