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Re: Disk partition on a Sparc 5

> On Oct 05, Craig Ian Dewick illuminated with a virtual scribe  :

> Why shouldn't the swap be in partition 1? That's where Sun's format
> program defaults to placing the swap partition. With a Solaris or NetBSD
> installation, I always set it up this way:
doesn't have to be.  Leftover legacy from SunOS.  (Digital Unix has the
same thing)
where, IIRC,
first partition = /
2nd				 = swap
3rd	whole disk
4th	var
5th	tmp
6th	usr
7th	home

or similar
> The question is how does this translate to what Debian expects? Why can't
> 'fdisk' supplied with Debian set up the disk the same way as Sun's format
> program with a SunOS-compatible disk label, etc.? If it already can do
> that, I didn't get anything out of the install instructions that suggested
> it's possible.
it does.  last i checked, it creates 3 partitions, root swap and whole
disk. with a sun disklabel.  btw, if fdisk is not creating the right
partition table on the disk, try backing out to the main install menu,
switch to virtual terminal 2 (alt+F2) and
dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/<hard disk> bs=512 count=1

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