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Re: help needed booting Ultra-5

On Thu, 2001-10-25 at 20:13, keith@ajmani.org wrote:
> Hi Paul:
> The CD's in Ultra-5's cannot read CD-RW media. However, they
> can read CD-R's just fine, as I found out after some gnashing
> of teeth.
> So, burn a CD-R, and you should be in good shape -- it worked
> for me.

The other option if you cannot get the CD to boot is to use the
tftpboot.img and do a net boot.  The UltraSparc FAQ does a good job of
explaining how this works.  You will just need another linux box (sparc,
ia32, whatever) attached to the same subnet (maybe same switch?) as the
Ultra 5 you are installing onto...


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