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sun4m: so close, yet so far away...

so, i was playing around with current vger on my ss20 and was suprised to
see that it nearly compiles. between 2.4.14pre3 and pre4 a few header
fixes corrected the scsi build problem - but it doesnt quite build. is anyone
else building on sun4m seeing this at the end ? 

objdump -x vmlinux.o | ./btfixupprep > btfix.s
Wrong use of 'disable_irq' in '.text.exit' section. It can be only used in .text, .text.init, .fixup and __ksymtab
make[1]: *** [btfix.s] Error 1

i dont really see any other troublesome warnings during the build, so im not
sure why this happens.


  john wood

  systems administrator, gmo inc 

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