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Re: Starting to get peeved !!

"Del Campo, Damian" <Damian.DelCampo@team.telstra.com> wrote:
> What should my PROM have? If the debian install can't make the system
> boot off the hard disk maybe I can't point the PROM boot to it. I know I
> have to set it up with a -
> 	"set-env boot (xxxx)" 
> but I haven't the foggiest what the xxxx is.

well, why don't you avoid setting the environment variable, and just try
typing in a few different `boot' commands?

  boot disk
  boot disk1
  boot disk3


> Im pretty sure that first hard drive is SCSI ID 3.

You'll be much more sure after doing `probe-scsi' or `probe-scsi-all' at
the PROM boot prompt.

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