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Re: debian / solaris

> loic@olsen.ch wrote:
> > This sounds pretty much like:
> > ftp://marcus.seva.net/pub/debian/debian-solaris-sparc/
> Yes. Thanks for the link. I'll have a look.
> It seems rather old though (1998), and not maintained any more.

Are you (or any one on the list) interested in mantainig this? (I'm just

> Feel free to comment or to give ideas.

Well I hope not to be spammed because of this, but please read
http://www.slackware.com/forum/read.php?f=6&i=723&t=595 and

But if someone would port a Linux distribution to work with the Solaris
kernel, they would have to consider at least this aspects.

1. The installer. You cannot distribute as freely as Linux, the Solaris
kernel, so obviously you would have to make a work around this. I would
suggest a script that would ask the user for the Solaris CD and that the
script would pick up the Solaris kernel and tools from it and create an
iso with the other tools and the installer for the user to burn on his

The other option would be, to grab and allready installed Solaris system
and modify it, but I think that the installer thing is a bit more clean.

2. Package translation. You would have to create a tool that translates
solaris packages to debian of what ever package system you are willing to
use. No only for the packages that you download[1] and that are on the CD,
but to grab the package information that is on /var/sadm and translate it
and respecting the package dependencies, etc.

3. A tool for installing and keeping track of the kernel patches and that
will also know when the patch is for the Solaris utils that you have just
sent to /dev/null ;), and the patches that do work for the small Solaris
things that you kept. For example, if a bug is found on the "tar" that
Solaris had, and you install the patch, would mess around with the GNU-tar
that you had on that path.

4. To change init. That sould be fun ;)

[1] Lets say Sunfreeware.com for example
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