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Adding files to a package... adoption of irssi debian package Bootsplash packages. Bootsplash Updates Conflicts: foo (>=x && <=y) - how? cvs versioning debconf db_input in postinst / horde2 Debian diff / Debian Policy (-dev) Debian packages and (Gnome, KDE, etc) menu entries debian packages: single diff vs multiple patches (as in rpm) Re: debian/tmp vs. debian/package Gutenbrowser mentor How to deal with sql-database structures on upgrade How to package a database (not program)? How to proceed with Thuban Bug #220296 ignoring updates to a conffile? init, pivot_root, chroot, etc ... lintian vs. linda error Location of/methods of handling themes. Looking for a mentor making frottle package Re: Moving a config file Re: Need a mentor: adoption of tuxeyes, blackened, animals and groovycd Need a mentor: adoption of tuxeyes, blackened, animals and groovycd Need a sponsor for my konversation package Need a sponsor; Bug#222807: ITP: distcmd -- Distribute load to multiple machines using ssh neglected RC bugs One-time sponsor wanted for vim-cream/ethstatus openMSX: opengl builtin or split package? package building ! Packaging a Kernel module (i386 only) Packaging a perl-script packaging problems with openMSX packaging xfree86-driver-synaptics: a couple of questions pbuilder ${shlibs:Depends} yields libc6-2.2.4-4 ??? Plea for mentor help Problem with pbuilder. Re: recommended sid upgrade method Re: recovery status update Request sponsor to upload esmtp RFS : sipcalc -- Advanced console-based ip subnet calculator RFS [2]: naim - a console, ncurses AIM, ICQ, and lily client RFS: AudioLink: makes managing and searching for music easier RFS: dpkg-sig RFS: eli, eli-doc -- compiler construction kit (and documentation) RFS: ike-scan RFS: konversation -- User friendly Internet Relay Chat client for KDE RFS: libapache-requestnotes-perl (orphaned), libapache-authcookie-perl, libimager-perl RFS: libghttp and libhttp-ghttp-perl (orphaned) RFS: libogg-vorbis-header-perl RFS: otp and wsx2lop RFS: phpgroupware RFS: update to libchipcard RFS: updated netjuke package RFS:tuxeyes; was: Re: RTS: tuxeyes RFS[3]: popfile -- Email classification tool RTS: tuxeyes Seeking sponsor for proxycheck Splitting a binary package: what to do with general README.Debian? Splitting man pages Sponsor for Scorched3D (game) wanted sponsor for xmlsec Sponsor request for naim Sponsor sought for resolvconf Standards-Version strange bug query error subscribe Successfully built packages said to be "out of date on m68k" take over libghttp unsubscribe UTF-8 in copyright files? Why are these packages removed from testing/sid? The last update was on 12:53 GMT Sun Apr 29. There are 235 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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