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Conflicts: foo (>=x && <=y) - how?

How do I conflict with a certain range of versions?
The package is exim4 and I want to conflict with passwd >=1:* but
<=1:4.0.3-8. - Both versions up to 20000902-12 and later than
1:4.0.3-8 work for me and I do not want to conflict with them.

Is there a nicer way than
Conflicts: passwd (=1:4.0.3-1), passwd (=1:4.0.3-2), passwd (=1:4.0.3-3) ...

On a sidenote I wonder whether I should actually bother with this. -
The version in woody and the versions currently available in sid and
sarge are ok, 1:4.0.3-9 was uploaded almost half a year ago (20 Aug
2003), is it necessary to carter for completely outdated sid and
             cu andreas

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