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Re: How to proceed with Thuban Bug #220296

On Dec 4, 2003, at 03:56, Silke Reimer wrote:

I am the sponsored debian maintainer of thuban, an interactive
geographic data viewer. I got a bug [1] concerning this package saying,
that thuban killed the xwindows session of the bugreporter.

That's likely an XFree86 bug. You probably should contact the X Strike Force.

* Try to reproduce and solve the problem we once had when loading
  large shapefiles then close the bug.

Well, if you know of a bug, you should fix it anyway. If it appears to be the same bug (one you track it down, you'll probably better understand its causes and be able to answer that) go ahead and close it.

* Set the status of the bug to "More information needed".

Certainly. The reporter should at least be able to tell you what he did right before his session crashed.

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