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Re: How to deal with sql-database structures on upgrade

Thorsten Sauter <tsauter@debian.org> writes:

> Some other packages like sysstat simply prints a message about a
> incompatible dataformat, and move or delete the old datafile. Is this an
> acceptable way for such a program also? And if so, should I do a
> database export first, before deleting and recreating the database with
> the new tables?

Ask the admin if he wants a backup of his old data because you need to
reset the database. Default to yes, so if it is in unattended mode you
dont delete data.
Then simply wipe the database and start with a new one. And write that
in Readme.Debian or so too.
Ah, maybe migrate the Admin User with his settings, if there is
something like this.

bye Joerg
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